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mischelle .mei. lost in love and i don't know much innocent love 16 currently in luv If you think you know me, read my blog and think again.
I'm imperfect and I'm Lovin' It.
I'm the only witness and the only person who can judge my life.
This is my blog so Click here if you hate it.
ANS chinesse bLooD//indo born

Welcome to marshangel.blogspot.com
Sunday, November 08, 2009Y

So... Today I set up blogger so then I can post stuff from mah bb LOL!!!! So imma try post pictures later and see how that works xp

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Sunday, December 21, 2008Y
libur tlah tibaa libur tlah tibaa oyee oyee oyee OYE!!

huam kekna dah lama gag ngepost, dan biarpun d side bar gw skrg bisa ngepost otomatis, tapi ntah knp tetep aja males ngepost wkwkwkwk,
blakangan hr ini byk bgd yg terjadi dan kekna itu semua adalah hal2 yg bener2 significant and tak terlupakan...

everything happened for a reason

has always been my favorite quote, its hard to live the life and accepts the bitter truth all the time though. I've been passed through it and felt like my life should have been spared from the bitterness and the hardness of life, regarding of what I have been through. Live is not always what you think it will be though, everyone just need to learn how to accept the bitter truth and be ready for it. I know I'm not but oh well, I always try to learn something new from anything that happened. I do whine though, and a LOT but I dont think I would want to be another me. I think I'm pretty satisfied with who I am today eventhough here and there I always think of how I would be if I were someone else. some one much more "magnificent" but I stopped wanting to do that quite some times ago. I realized that I should just live my life to the fullest, try new things everyday, and never to regret of who am I.

ok. gw jg bingung knp gw jd sok wise kek ginih ~.~ mungkin krn hal2 yg terjadi belakangan kali yah.. ada beberapa yg gw anggep sedikit inspirational. mulai dr keluh kesah nykp gw tentang hidup dan permintaan dy klo lagi doa yang bener2 bkin gw sadar betapa hebat nykp gw itu. gw rasa gw gq akan pernah nemu org sehebat nykp gw lg. but who knows? :D idup masih panjang jg, but she will definitely be my lifelong heroine i couldnt put it any better x]
sigh, gw mikir knp gw gq isa jd seseorg sebaik nykp gw yg slalu mikirin org laen d atas dirina sendiri? terkadang gw bingung ngliat kehidupan nykp gw yg bener2 ga adil.. sepertina ga ada hidup yg berpihak ke nykp.. gw gq isa ngebayangin gmn idup tanpa nykp... dan hr ini, ntah knp ade gw kurang ajar ngelawan nykp... i cant help but to cry... gw gq pernah tega nyakitin nykp dan stiap x ada kejadian yg bkin gw gituin nykp, gw slalu ujungn2na sakit ati n msti gmn minta maaf biarpun susah.. buat ade gw, gw hanya pengen dy sadar n gq kurang ajar ama nykp lg, susah tpna ~.~.. bgsna dy sempet minta maaf jg.. *siigh* bgs lah..
ngedenger my mom's CONFESSION, it was hard not to cry.. ngeliat idupna yg boleh dibilang udah ngenes tapi d setiap doa malemna masih ngedoain orang2 yg ada d sekitarna.. msh doa supaya sesusah2na dia, dy msh sanggup wat beramal, adaaaaaaa ga sih org yg doa na tuh kek gt? dy gak doa supaya dy d beri lbih byk rejeki.. tp dy doa spy dy punya CUKUP untuk masih bisa BERAMAL.. ohemji.. gw aja ga abis pikir.. nykp gw emg ebat >< *siigh* ntah lahhhhhhh
but thats life for u wkwkwkwkwkwk

*bersambung dl deh*

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hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

By Blogger Hapi, at 11:30 PM  

hi... just dropping by!

By Blogger indavao, at 10:00 AM  

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

By Blogger tagskie, at 2:00 PM  

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Monday, December 15, 2008Y
*trial run hoho*

test test... dah lama ga ngepost n baru dpt gadget d windows viista sidebar iank isa ngepost... XD
mulayy skrg post akan d post dr sinihh hohohoho secara gampang bgd ngepostna n ga bertele2.. huamm..........

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008Y
masuk koran XDD~

here yeee here yee...
untuk pertama x na masuk koran.. well cuman koran sekolah siih but still KORAN muahahahahhahahaha
here goes..

*klik to enlaaaarge XD*
[HOBACHI, October 17, 2008]

Artikel sbb:

Diversity Merges Together in International Club
by. Elizabeth Tran-Nguyen [Staff Writer, HOBACHI]

RHS:International Club uses meetings to teach its members about the different cultures and customs of their members.

Members of International Club learn about the different cultures on campus every first and third Thursday at lunch in Room 13.
For every meeting, International Club learns something new and interesting about each club member's culture.
Club advisor Ms. Debbie Engers said,"International Club is a place for students to inform other students about their cultural backgrounds and promote international friendship and cooperation."

For the complete article, click "Gimme More" hoho~

*bersambung tuk sementara*

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008Y
[seniior portfoliio]

blakangan inih ekeh slaluw sibuk iih..
*sebel grrrrrroarr..
huuhuhuhuhu.. pegel.. tp jd kesampean jg bkin self-reflective essay iank bener2 mencerminkan sapah kah ini org sbenarna huahahuhauhau...
nahh, krn itu kekna salah satu hal yg isa mendeskripsiin gw dgn baik dan benar.. maka dr ituu :D maw gw post dsini huahauhuauahua~~

gini mulaina~~..
I am just an ordinary girl trying to live her ordinary life to the fullest. My name is Mischelle Mulia and currently living in Loma Linda, California. A couple years ago, I would have never thought about leaving my home-country Indonesia and move to The United States. It came over me in a rush, it took me a while to realize that I really was about to leave my home-country, leaving my home-sweet-home that I lived for my whole life, leaving all of my loving friends and relatives. It was a really hard time to go through. I can go through changes and be okay with it but, I do not really like the one that was overly drastic. Right now, I am just trying to do my best here in United States, start a whole new life in a whole new world with supports from family and friends, my foremost important treasure of all.
When I look at myself on a mirror,.... what I see is a reflection of a tiny girl, a reflection of myself, I suppose. That girl is wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans. Her hair is loosely hanging, a little bit to the messy side, just like how it looks on a person who just woke up. She has her glasses put on and it was a pretty decent frame with lenses that are quite thick as well. She has a bad vision mostly because she reads for fun and spends ninety-percent of her time in front of the computer, writing a weblog or playing an online game. I am indeed a simple girl. I never ask for too much of anything and I dress as simple as my mind sometime is, partly because I just do not really care about what people think off of my outer appearance. I do not wear make-up; I wear simple and casual outfits—I dress up only for special occasions—and leave people a blank page of what kind of person I am inside. I always thought that what matter the most is what is inside, inner beauty, and not outer beauty, that is why we should never “Judge a book by its cover,” (Anonymous). My appearance, I think, makes people think of me as an average Asian girl, no, I am not trying to be discriminative, but yes, I look that way, the Asian girl stereotypes. Those who mostly wear glasses, somehow being on the highest ten-percent of the class, somewhat nerdy, and somewhat have the similar kind of life, friends, and activities. I might look that way but, I am pretty sure that I am a quite decent person inside who like to help others. I might also look boring from my outer appearance, but I am a pretty fun person to be around with, I laugh a lot, I do not get angry or sensitive easily. I also have a pretty great sense of humor. Unfortunately, all of this personality do not show easily to just anyone. I only get crazy and be fully myself around those people that I find the closest and the most comfortable to be with, mostly my family and my best friends.
Only description and words will never be enough to explain me as an individual. I am quite unique; at least I think I am. The only way to know me better is to be a close friend with me, but not an easy task even though I enjoy having a lot of friends. This is because I categorize myself as a pretty introvert person; I do not really open up myself to those whom I just met. This condition leads to another way of knowing me, by going through my desktop computer.
From the outside, my desktop computer looks like an ordinary computer with a really neat 19” wide-screen plasma monitor. Other than that, this is no more than an ordinary computer. However, inside of my hard drive, you will find anything you need to get to know me better as a person. I have thousands of pictures storage in it of me and my family and friends. This shows that I am constantly around people, either my family or friends. There also stored all of my favorite music. The kind of music a person listens to can give a hint of what kind of person they really are. Unfortunately, I do not have any specialized favorite kind of music. I listen to about anything for the exception of some country and some really hard-core/hip-hop/R and B songs. I prefer mellower and tone-down songs that calm me down. This might show that I am more of a laid back person, not a hyperactive one. But it does not mean that I dislike other kind of songs, I just prefer the mellow one.
I am a really innocent person that cannot ever say “no” to anyone. I realize that people do tend to take advantage of me because of this sort of advantage slash disadvantage personality. I see this identity as an advantage because, even though people do take advantage of me, I really feel like I help people with their problem. Maybe they do not see me as a nice and helpful person but rather see me as a fool who will do whatever they ask for but, I really thought that I am just trying to be a bigger and a better person by helping them. In the end, they might be thankful for what I have done for them and I will feel very satisfied because at least they appreciated it. I like helping people a lot and I try to help them with all my best. One day, one of my old friends whom I was never really closed to me asked for help. I was disgust by how she could just ask for help from someone she barely knew. I whined a lot but ended up doing it anyway because I think that it will help her and at least she will appreciate it a little, which will make up the entire struggle I did. In the end, helping people, for me, has its own rewards.
Just like a little girl, I do have a lot of dreams I have never achieved before. I dreamt that someday I will be able to travel around the world, that one day I will have a wonderful family, that one day I could cure cancer, that one day I could fly my own private jet, and a lot more. What matters to me the most is my future life because all that I experienced as a little girl needed me to do better in the future. I need to have a better education to have a better life so I can pay for my little sister’s education later on in life. I also have dreamt of buying a house for my mom and I have wanted her not to work a single hour when I have a job already. I have wanted her to enjoy her old life, possibly to send her travel to Vatican because she has wanted to go there since I was little. I also have wanted want to fulfill her dream which was to own a Cartier-brand watch. I will do my best for her because she is my most valuable possession.
Finally, to describe me in a couple of words; I am one of those unique people that cannot be fully understand from the appearance. I tend to dress sloppy but I believe I am a kind-hearted girl. I get cranky sometimes but everyone does also. The “me” right now is still confused with what she wants to do with her life. She wants to satisfy everyone but she realized that no one could ever do that. She will try her best for whatever she will have to do and will hold her head up no matter what comes in front of her.

kliik more to read the rest x] x] x]
so yaaaaaaaahh... giiiithcuuu deeee~~

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008Y
*sekolah=resekkk [a hatred blog dedicated to konselor NENCII HOIIT]

sekolah aja udah equals rese, apalagi conselor2na..
yg pada kek t*ii smwa =="
swtttt dahh..
knp yg namana jd conselor tuh gag supportive sm skali? knp mawna malah biar muridna itu diem2 aja dan gag berbuat apa2... stupiid b*tch menn =="
huyuh2... gw aja kadang bingung. emgna klo maw masuk kerja d skulahan jd conselor itu ga dliat dulu apa macem apa? ga diliat apa dy isa mendukung murid dgn baik dan benar apah? ga ada inspeksi cara kerja kah? sialan smwa =="
seorang murid berdedikasi tinggi (red. CUIIH) (baca:gw) (red. dobel CUIH) malah dianggep remeh.. yg stiap x liat gw malah nge*sigh* itu conselor.. emang gw taw klo gw byk bacot.. gw taw bacot gw GEDE... selangit aja kalah beh gedenya eii.. tp yah tolong lah.. orang mau maju ko di tahan2... org mau maju ko malah dicegah.. conselor ap penjahat?
sampe org pun bilang "masa depan u dah abis, ini org masa dpn jg baru dibikin.."
``susah emg klo org2 yg udah manula n tua abis msh sirik ama anak muda n mawna ngerusak masa depan orang...
emang ada yah org yg sejahat itu... gw aja klo mikir balik ga abis pikir isa kek gitu..
gw jd pengen lapor k principal klo ada konselor ga taw diri kek gitu.. pecat aja, suru pensiun ke.. rambut yg ada warna aja dah ga ada.. putih poloz smwa... =="
kadang gw bingung, udah tua ko maksa kerja.. klo emg ga suka kerja jd konselor, pliz deh cari kerja baru.. jgn maksa dan ngebebanin itu semua k murid akhirna.. yg bener aja.. masa krn conselor yg ga beres, masa depan gw ancur sih? bener2 gq trima gw.
mikir dikit lah tante konselor yg menganggap dirinya selalu benar. tolong yah.. skrg ini udah jaman reformasi.. semua punya hak untuk bicara.. namana jg tinggal d amriik..
you have the rights to freedom, liberty, and the pursue of happiness
itu. satu amendment yg maw gw ungkit d dpan mukanya dy... the pursue of happiness, brarti secara legal gw boleh ngelakuin apapun asal legal wat bkin gw bahagia kan? bkin gw hepi mah gampang. tambain aja itu satu kelas.. ap statistic;; does it has to be this hard?
mulai dr awal yg ceritanya bilang katanya its too late lah apa lah ==" sampe kelasna penuh lah, sampe dy ga punya power enough to do it ==" WDF.. gw bolak balik 4x k office dy, dan setiap kali, dy punya alesan yg berbeda tentang knp gw ga isa ambil klz itu ==" parah ga sih.. seolah yah klo dpikir, dy bkn hanya ga mau usaha ngebantu gw, tapi jg ga mau gw masuk kelas itu... yg gw tanya.. apa ga kelewatan? apa ga berlebihan mikir kek gitu?
remember this:
nothing is ever too late.
enough said kan. bahkan conselor laen aja ngedukung gw sepenuhna ko dgn apa yg mnurut gw terbaik.. dan emg terbukti klo ini emg hal yg baik ko ==" so, jgn maksa deh... gw ga suka di tahan2 dmn gw mau maju.. dmn i dont feel like my effort was enough to get in to a good school.. ini konselor malah nyaranin apply cal state jg.. yg bener aja.. bukanna bantu org maju ko malah maw bkin org jadi mundur sih?

nih gw kutip omongan gw pas crita msalah ini ke temen gw..
[*mEii]: gw ga mkn siang
[*mEii]: sampe kringetan mndar mandir tau ga sih
[*mEii]: tiap kali apa yg dy bilang ga bisa
[*mEii]: gw udah temuin jalan wat jadi bisa
[*mEii]: selalu ada alesanna
[*mEii]: pertama ktna tralu telat kan, takut ga isa ngejar pelajaran
[*mEii]: gw samperin guru yg ngajar
[*mEii]: ktna its not too late, gampang ko kelasnya
[*mEii]: now what
[*mEii]: maw apa lagi dy
[*mEii]: eh dy bilang jem ke 3, kelas kalkulus gw penuh
[*mEii]: jadi gw ga isa dmasukin kan
[*mEii]: dy bilangna there;s no other way
[*mEii]: ga bakal bisa
[*mEii]: tapi gw inget, temen gw taon lalu, kelas poll itu ga jadi masalah, tinggal ngomonk aja ama guru yg ngajar
[*mEii]: klo dy ok2 aja ditambain satu, yah ok2 aja
[*mEii]: gw ngomonk aama guru kalkulus gw, kata dy oh gpp... klo emg satu2na jalan gitu yah gpp
[*mEii]: najizna pas gw balik lg k konselor gw
[*mEii]: pas ngliat gw, tampangna tuh yg ngela napas gitu..
[*mEii]: gw sindiri aja
[*mEii]: "i know u hate me"
[*mEii]: trus yah gw blg klo gw dah tanya ama gw ruu gw
[*mEii]: guru
[*mEii]: en dy blg gpp, add ajah..
[*mEii]: ehh skrg dy blg klo dy ga punya power to do that
[*mEii]: dy blg klo bossna bakal marah ama dy
[*mEii]: ...
[*mEii]: ga maw usaha bgd sih?
[*mEii]: dy blg gw msti minta guru kalkulus gw buat telpon asisten principal, wat bilang klo its ok
[*mEii]: nah ruangan dy ama ruangan si asisten principal itu cuman kek 20 langkah
[*mEii]: ga bisa apah dy ksitu?
[*mEii]: bilang klo guru kalkulus gw udah stuju
[*mEii]: ga bisa apah dy dukung gw dikit aja?
[*mEii]: malah nyindir gw "oh, bukanna u mesti pulang ama bes?'
[*mEii]: ngusir banget
[*mEii]: ...
[*mEii]: parah bgd ini konselor
[*mEii]: i hate her as much as she hates me, even more
terus dibales kek gini...
loe yg ngmg lgsg ke bosnya dia mei
WiIcHaNn: loe yg ngmg lgsg ke bosnya dia mei
WiIcHaNn: ga perlu arepin org kaya gitu
WiIcHaNn: dr baca itu smua
WiIcHaNn: g yakin dia emg ga niat bantu loe
WiIcHaNn sugiharta: org loe ud tanya n boleh toh
WiIcHaNn sugiharta: ud ada yg lakuin pula
WiIcHaNn sugiharta: knp bisa jadi ga bisa coba skrg? keliatan bgt itu org mah sampahnya
*bersambung dl lah gi emosian

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Friday, August 22, 2008Y
*first day of skul...

baru sempet cerita hari pertama skulah... ditumpuk tugas T_T, ditumpuk hobi males.. pada intinya ga niiat lalala~
*blaga bego

first day of skull
"we start calculus the first day"

izwitii deh ibu T_T.. ibu minkler maapkan saiia iank pemalas ini, bole taq mule kalkuluz hari ke spuluh lalala~
"we have a test this friday"

hari ke spuluh ternyata kita udah ulangan... nasib ku oh nasibku T____T
nah, hari kesepuluh itu ternyata... besok...
hayah cape de...
ntah gw ntar isa gmn bkin ulangan ntuh.. so far sih, gw ngrasa klo d klz itu ngerti2 aja.. tapi takut taw2 ulangan jadinya... alamaa T_T.. kasianila daku t_T
bsok menunggu nasib...
dan si ibu kejam ini.. ternyata mencuci otak dari seluruh murid, dan naro satu definisi, yg harus dihapa mati...
definisi dari LIMIT...
L is the LIMIT of f(x) as x approaches c,
if and only if,
for any positive number epsilon, no matter how small,
there is a positive number delta such that,
if x is within delta units of c (but not equal to c),
then f(x) is within epsilon units of L.
ya amfuunn, saiia telah di braiinwash.. sampe "i know this by heart and brain" sedihna idupku.. ginian ko diapal =="
hufff.... wish me luck di test bsok iah T_T
"we start physics the first day"

untung guru fisika gw ga ngomonk gini ==" swt bgd klo guru fisika gw jg ngomonk kek gini.. mati aja k laut deeee ==" setelah seminggu d klz fisika.. gw baru ngerti itu plajaran kmaren malem... pas diajarin ama si tordut *tutor yg setia~~~* dan besok.. ada ulangan percaya ga sih ==" knp guru2 demeeeeeeeeeen bgd ngasi ulangan.. iank ngambil cape, iank ngoreksi kan cape jg.. bagusna sama2 ga usah ada ulangan.. semua senang dan ga ada yg rugi... hauauahau~ kasih aja smwa A di klz :D ntar jg semua senang lalala~ *ini semua hanya andai2 belaka... (-red. hr ini yg ngarang gila) <- setuju saiia~ huff, pr na complicated pula ==" izwitii... uplod ahhhh poto2 pr na si bapa pisika T_T

*pengaruh dr kekejaman guru...

btw, kmaren2 ini gw dpt undangan ke cina huahauhau~
smoga gratis...
undanganna gw uplod ah :D
tapi ada yg gw edit2..
demi keamanan gw :D
ntar taw2 ada yg ngirim asasin ksini kan ga lucu de =="

huff, smoga gratis biar gw bisa pegi T________T
kyaaaaaaa hix hix hix ><><

cukup sekian dan terima kasih. *ngantuk pingin bubuw ><

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eatiinn disorder~~

ciakakakakakka cafe de judulna *btw ini dah balik bhs indo lagi --"
eniweiii, basweii...
blakangan ini gw lagi bener2 malessssssssss bgd mkn.. cuman klaperan.. cuman males mamamna..
hix... dah 2 hr ini mkn shari skali, cuman pas d skula doank >< huuhuuuu.. rasana gag napsu mamna..
ntah knp..
jgn2 anorexiia nervoza huahuahahu~
smoga jgn T.t
*ga mungkin laa..
kekna cuman gara2 d rmh rentan mknan yg gw suka x ia..
n krn sehari2 gw tidur mulu jd mlz bgd klo bangun hanya wat mkn doank... nyahahaha x]
skul oh skul...
cerita ttg skul gw pisah aja d dpost baru..
biar rapih *halah, ngejar post count tuh *engaaaaaaa ko *halah (-red. org gila)
nyahahahahahahhaahah x]

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Say it here;